Eagle Ridge sidecountry, Mount Hotham, Australia

Snowmetrics provides your small business or ski area with the information and tools it needs to succeed. Our goal is to help you use your sales and financial data to drive future decision-making. Through customized data collection, analysis, and reporting, we’ll give you the insight and information your business needs.

Here is a sampling of services we offer:


  • Historic analysis of revenue, expenses, and profitability to identify trends
  • Budget planning and creation
  • Custom reports to measure performance against budget expectations
  • Financial forecasting tools
    • Budget-based, interactive revenue projections
    • Pricing impact analysis
    • Return on investment analysis

Point of Sale Systems

  • System setup, customization, and optimization support
  • Staff training
  • Using product and promotion setup to better track your business
  • Understanding and using your system’s reporting functionality
  • Siriusware support, customization, and training

Customized Reporting

  • Reports to display and summarize the information important to your business
  • Customized reports from your point of sale system, financial software, or any other source
  • Automated reports you can run yourself or reports we can produce and deliver to you
  • Examples of ski area-specific reports
    • Daily revenue and yield “flash” report
    • Skier visit analysis highlighting composition and trends
    • Ticket revenue and yield analysis
    • Cost-to-revenue and wage-to-revenue ratio analysis
    • Industry benchmark comparisons
  • Weekly, monthly, or year-to-date profit & loss reports, broken down by business division or department (perfect for managers to see their business area’s financial performance)
  • Reports measuring the success of your promotions and specials
  • Payroll reports
  • Expense reports

Other Technology Solutions

  • Microsoft Office training: Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Database creation and administration
  • Custom spreadsheets or databases for staff scheduling, inventory tracking, forecasting, etc.

We can offer all of the above services and more to help your business reach its peak. Please contact us to discuss your business and its unique needs.